"The Insistence of a Crow Archivist, Wendy Red Star" is in the Winter 2016 edition of BlackFlash Magazine. You can find it here:




Ociciwan Collective and Art Gallery of Alberta will present a two-person exhibition, A Parallel Excavation, of Duane Linklater and I's work in April, 2016.


From the AGA's description of the exhibition:


Ociciwan Contemporary Art Collective has curated an exhibition of new works by internationally known artists Duane Linklater and Tanya Lukin Linklater at the Art Gallery of Alberta. The exhibition, featuring installation work by both artists, explores notions of excavation in relation to the intellectual, environmental and cultural resources most immediate to the artists.


Duane Linklater investigates the structure and materiality of the wall itself including gypsum, wood and steel, while considering the political implications of those materials as resources extracted in Canada. The connection of gypsum, wood and steel as supporting substances lying between the gallery’s institutional structure and its public becomes a site of mediation for Linklater. In his exploration of these materials the artist questions what is revealed during excavation: “How do we, as Indigenous artists articulate, disfigure or blur the outcomes of an excavation particularly in the gallery or museum space so we can see or sense the tones of certain relationships?”


Arriving at the Art Gallery of Alberta from a practice that engages with visual and performance languages, Tanya Lukin Linklater’s new sculptural work builds on the idea of the gallery itself, investigating this cultural institution as a site where critical modes of discourse may converge. Considering the complex relationships of Indigenous peoples and artists to institutions, museums and galleries, she excavates the Art Gallery of Alberta’s archival records. She offers this action as a considered gesture towards the conceptual spaces between Indigenous peoples, Indigenous art histories and museums that pose an open-ended question, how does the institution perform?


A Parallel Excavation: Duane Linklater & Tanya Lukin Linklater is curated by Ociciwan Contemporary Art Collective.



I presented my paper, "A glossary of insistence," for Wood Land School organized by Duane Linklater at Or Gallery and SFU Galleries in Vancouver with contributions to the symposium by Duane Linklater, Raymond Boisjoly, David Garneau, Candice Hopkins, Amy Kazymerchyk, Tanya Lukin Linklater, Liz Park, Postcommodity, Walter Scott and cheyanne turions. 


I presented the the at Remai Modern's Turn Out in February, 2016, including premiere of a new video work. The text performance featured Randy Morin who translated the text into Cree. I collaborated with three contemporary dancers in Saskatoon to present live dance - Karla Kloeble, Kyle Syverson and Marcus Merasty. Curated by Troy Grohnsdahl.





I will present a new performance, An accumulation - A relief,  in collaboration with Ziyian Kwan, Mique'l Dangeli and Peggy Lee for Cutting Copper: Indigenous Resurgent Practice co-presented by grunt gallery and the Belkin Gallery in Vancouver. Cutting Copper will also feature performances by Dana Claxton, Maria Hupfield and Charlene Vickers within the exhibition, Lalakenis / All Directions by Beau Dick and a symposium with scholars, writers and curators. March 4-5, 2016. 




My work was featured in an interview with Matthew Ryan Smith for the Spring, 2016 Issue of First American Art Magazine.



You can see the interview and two short poems of mine in the issue here:







Documentation of my collaborative performance with Laura Ortman at EFA Project Space in New York City on November 6, 2015 is on the Artforum site. Laura is playing amplified violin to objects I've configured, including a bowl I commissioned from Alutiiq traditional artist, Doug Inga, in 2010 and four Yup'ik dance fans I purchased at Cama'i Dance Festival in Bethel, Alaska in 2011. 


Accompaniment was curated by Kari Cwynar and Kendra Sullivan in 2015. 





Opening Reception: Friday, November 6, 6 - 8 pm
At EFA Project Space, 323 W. 39th St, 2nd floor


Artists: Shannon Ebner, Kara Hamilton and Angie Keefer, Will Holder, Duane Linklater, Tanya Lukin Linklater with Laura Ortman, David Morris and Pedro Cid Proença with Stefan and Franciszka  Themerson, Sarah Rose, Rodrigo Ortiz Monasterio and Mario Garcia Torres on Conlon Nancarrow, David Reinfurt, Rosalie Schweiker and Rudy Loewe, Babette Mangolte, Alex Waterman, and Dylan Gauthier


Curated by: Kari Cwynar and Kendra Sullivan


I will present a collaborative performance with Laura Ortman on Friday, November 6 during the opening of the exhibition - 6-8 pm. 


For more information about the exhibition: