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CBC Arts produced a mini documentary on The treaty is in the body, 2017, a commission for INSURGENCE/RESURGENCE co-curated by Jamie Isaac and Julie Nagam at the Winnipeg Art Gallery. Quayanaasuniq, cii miikwic to Jennifer Wabano, Omaskeko Cree knowledge keeper, Ivanie Aubin-Malo, dancer/dance educator, Neven Lochhead, camera and edit, Liz Lott, photographer, for their support of this project as well as all of the participants in the project: Lorraine Sutherland, Karen Sutherland, Iris Sutherland, Gwen Iahtail, Lauree Pizzale, Keisha Stone and Sassa Linklater. Ontario Arts Council also supported the project, and it couldn't have happened without their support as well.


You can see the mini documentary here: