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The Herb Alpert Award in the Arts is an unrestricted prize of $75,000 given annually to risk-taking mid-career artists working in the fields of dance, film/video, music, theatre and the visual arts. The prize was initiated and funded by the Herb Alpert Foundation and has been administered by California Institute of the Arts since 1994. The Herb Alpert Award recognizes experimenters who are making something that matters within and beyond their field.

“The Herb Alpert Award in the Arts affords me the possibility of time and the quiet of focusing on my practice... In 2021 I am writing alongside projects I’ve produced in the last couple of years. It feels as though we are collectively in a moment where time has slowed. I imagine that my work will continue to circulate as Indigenous ideas in writing, in museums, and elsewhere but changed by this time in unanticipated ways.” - Tanya Lukin Linklater


I am so pleased to receive this award and to be amongst such a compelling, remarkable group of artists including Steffani Jemison, Will Rawls, Beth Gill, Adam Khalil, Kahlil Joseph, Toshi Reagon, David Virelles, Kimber Lee, and Kaneza Schaal. 


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