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Calling together 8 artists from various communities across Northwestern Turtle Island, Generous Acts gives a glimpse to the introspective process of thinking through the notion of self-care during a global pandemic.


Stepping outside the parameters of traditional exhibition processes, Ociciwan Contemporary Art Collective begun the developing Generous Acts by (virtually) gathering with the artists to facilitate conversations in regard to the direction that the exhibition would take. This divergence from colonial methodologies of curation allowed for the artists to have an equal say in the path that we would take together on this journey. The artists shared not only their struggles and personal experiences as creators during a tumultuous global pandemic, but also their pre-pandemic experiences of hailing from remote and often overlooked communities. We connected, laughed, and grew closer through our talks. We were given input and feedback about practices that they would like to see more of within the North American Art world.


Exhibition run: September 25, 2021 to December 4, 2021

Ociciwan, 10124 96 Street NW, Edmonton