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Ontario Culture Days are excited to welcome its third lineup of residents in the 2022 Creatives in Residence program. Since launching the residency in 2020, the program has become a key component of the Ontario Culture Days Festival showcasing the vibrancy of the Ontario arts and culture community.


Over the next 5-months, the residents will work in communities across Ontario to explore themes of access (or lack thereof) to resources such as foodcommunity spacelocal history and technology, all of which have been heightened issues since the start of the pandemic in 2020. The creatives will focus on community collaboration with their projects culminating in community-based activities and exhibits presented during the 2022 fall festival.


Dave Dyment

Sarah Gartshore and Adam Francis Proulx

Tanya Lukin Linklater

Isorine Marc

Tonya Sutherland

Uju Umenyi

Angela Walcott