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This is a co-presentation between Pleasure Dome and the CFMDC (Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre).

Join us for our second in-person screening of the year at Small World Music Centre in Toronto. Guest programmed by Clare Samuel, this screening features works Lynne Sachs, Elisa Gonzalez, Keisha Rae Witherspoon, Tanya Lukin Linklater, and Hao Zhou. Each film reflects different understandings and re-imaginings of what it means to be interconnected with each other and the world around us.

Part of Spring 2023

When: 6pm-9pm ET, MAY 23


Where: Small World Music Centre, Artscape Youngplace, 110 Shaw Street, Unit 101



Screening programme:

Lynne Sachs, Maya at 24, 04:27

Elisa Gonzalez, Freya, 22:13

Tanya Lukin Linklater, We Wear One Another, 25:13


Keisha Rae Witherspoon, T, 13:50

Hao Zhou, Frozen Out, 5:00

Lynne Sachs, Film About a Father Who, 1:14:00


Following the screening, we will have a Q&A with the artist Lynne Sachs and curator Clare Samuel. The screening is free and open to the public. Everyone is invited to attend.