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I am the feautred poet for the Taos International Journal of Poetry and Art. The Taos Journal is publishing excerpts of "The Harvest Sturdies." My notes for this work: 

“The Harvest Sturdies” was written in response to Chief Theresa Spence’s hunger strike, a 44-day action that began December 11, 2012. The mittsChief Spence (of Attawapiskat First Nation) wore in many of her press engagements are an important symbol for the people of James Bay, northern Ontario, Canada. Interviews with Agnes Hunter, Marlene Kapasheshit and Lillian Mishi Trapper during January and February 2013 regarding the process for making traditional James Bay Mitts were conducted for this poem.


Many thanks to Layli Long Soldier for her support through the writing process and her adept editing skills. And to our relatives who agreed to be interviewed. And to Agnes Hunter and Duane Linklater for Cree translation.