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Affinities - Tanya Lukin Linklater

A Lecture Performance of A glossary of insistence (2016) 

June 21, 2016


This performative lecture by Tanya Lukin Linklater will configure Indigenous and African-American artists and thinkers – Maria Tallchief – Leonardo Drew – Beyoncé – Audra Simpson – Peter Morin – alongside questions that ask: “How do objects evoke the ephemera of invisible structures? Felt structures? Structures that impact our everyday lives? How do we respond to these ephemeral residues?” From the artist: “I find an absence of the body within a conversation about the body. An absence that is present. Dylan Robinson recently spoke of the force of the institution’s gaze to structure the way that we look. I wonder about the force of a choreographer’s look (George Balanchine). I wonder concomitantly about the force of the body in relation to this look (Maria Tallchief, prima ballerina). I wonder about the force of the body to exceed the structure’s exertion.Our kinds of insistence may be different.”


Affinities: a series of performances, screenings, and conversations

In conjunction with the exhibition Joan Jonas: Far Away, DHC/ART and guest curator Barbara Clausen will present Affinities: a series of performances, screenings, and conversations, a program of events in two parts in May and June. With artists, Joan Jonas and Jason Moran, Simone Forti, taisha pagett and Tanya Lukin Linklater.