Photography A gentle reassembly 10 by Tanya  Lukin-linklater

A gentle reassembly 10

A gentle reassembly, 2022
Performance installation (pine reclaimed from the Ottawa River) To accompany Woman’s Beaded Hood, c. 1850, once-known Eeyouch Artist. Rehearsal view with Ivanie Aubin-Malo and Laura Ortman. 

"My daughter says that the women who made the hoods gave them life. Ancestor-makers breathed intention, thought, the felt into stitches beads and cloth. Nohkominanak kept these for their osisimak to know. We listen to their lines allowing for understanding to unfold over time. We pick them up hoping that many before and after us will be with them listening and sharing." Tanya Lukin Linklater
Photo: National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa. A commission for National Gallery of Canada.