Photography A gentle reassembly, 2022 by Tanya  Lukin-linklater

A gentle reassembly, 2022

A gentle reassembly by Tanya Lukin Linklater
Performances: Ivanie Aubin-Malo, Laura Ortman
With Tracey Forster, Mina Linklater, Sassa Linklater, Tanya Lukin Linklater, Paula Menarick, Alexandra Kahnseni:io Nahwegahbow, Doe O’Brien-Teengs, Ani Teengs. Camera: Eric Robillard, Aaron Martini. Edit: Eric Robillard. Sound mix: Ben Leggett. 
A commission for the National Gallery of Canada with visits to the Royal Ontario Museum. Curatorial consultation with Alexandra Kahnseni:io Nahwegahbow. With gratitude to Paula Menarick for sharing knowledge and Angela Shisheesh for translation to Ininîmowin. Ninanâskomâwak nimosominânak nesta nôhkominânak.
Installation view: (pine reclaimed from the Ottawa River), video projection. To accompany Woman’s Beaded Hood, c. 1850, once-known Eeyouch Artist. 
Through her choreography and visual arts practice, Lukin Linklater speaks to the dispossession of Indigenous ancestral and cultural belongings as she visits museum collections. Working with this Eeyouch hood, she reminds us of the garment’s intimate role in contemporary Indigenous life across time and space. The hood’s connection to women’s bodies, the associated practice of making and wearing them, and the artist’s Omaskeko Cree familial connections contribute to a layered, affective and conceptual response that accompanies the hood. - National Gallery of Canada.
Photo: National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa. A commission for National Gallery of Canada.