Drawing ...you are judged to be going against the flow because you are insistent., 2017 by Tanya  Lukin-linklater

...you are judged to be going against the flow because you are insistent., 2017

A video work with Elisa Harkins and Hanako Hoshimi-Caines for In Dialogue curated by John Hampton for Art Museum, University of Toronto, Art Gallery of Southwestern Manitoba and Carleton University Art Gallery. Camera: Eric Robillard. Sound: Neven Lochhead. With support from Ontario Arts Council. 

"...you are judged to be going against the flow because you are insistent. is the distillation of a series of conversations carried out through words and dance. Tanya Lukin Linklater considered how the structures of dance, dance histories, and forms of dance education attempt to contain and discipline bodies. She invited Elisa Harkins, Hanako Hoshimi-Cains… Ivanie Aubin-Malo and Ceinwen Gobert … to relate narratives about significant points of transition for them as they navigated through these structures of dance. In a natural extension of the question “Where are you from?” the dancers position themselves through a lineage of professional training, stylistic and conceptual traditions, and personal experience. These conversations were continued through movement as they worked through vocabularies that related to these moments in their lives. In one piece, the dancers’ voices in addition to their movement, while in the other, we see their experiences presented through single uninterrupted shots. Each approach offers a intimate glimpse into the dancers experience, and sense of self—each explores how our bodies, cultures, experiences, and training help create the communities in which our identity is shaped—but the inclusion or exclusion of the dance’s dialogue, creates vastly different conditions for how we interpret and relate to each individual. The title of this work is a citation from Sara Ahmed, “Feminist Killjoys (and Other Willful Subjects),” Scholar and Feminist Online, 2010." - John Hampton